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About Us


As an animal lover and dog breeder I am always searching for the very best for my extended furry family.  We want to keep them safe , comfortable, looking good and entertained.  This means anything from the most comfortable and secure collar, the lead that gives support and freedom, cat litter that absorbs smells, a car harness that you don’t need a degree to put on (and one that my little Houdini will not be able to escape from) and through to peace of mind health indicator pads.


Like most pet owners I have had a mixed bag of purchasing experiences, dashed hopes and poor quality, as well as, those memorable good ones.

Undaunted I have been on a mission to find high quality at reasonable prices. This lead me to getting closer and closer to the design and ultimately into production.


Our journey took us to China where I met people from all over the world, I have found the same values in a group of passionate pet owners and designers who are helping me share their quality and innovation with Australia.


We have designed and sourced a fantastic range of products from baths to collars, automatic cat litters, health indicating pee pads, LED car harnesses, to toys as well as the latest innovation in feeding, health and hygiene.


As you can tell, we are obsessively passionate about animals, their protection, well-being and our focus is to make sure that they have the best and benefit from the latest developments. 


Our goal is to bring choice and better quality to your world, your spirit animal, best buddy, fur baby...products that

have been personally sourced, tried and tested for durability, safety and fun by us! 


 With love from all the Chonker family.

Enjoy xo

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