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Cetrigen Aerosol - 100gm

Cetrigen Aerosol - 100gm

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Virbac Cetrigen is formulated to treat cuts, scrapes and superficial wounds.The antibacterial formula assists in prtoecting the wound while it heals.


  • Contains insect repellant
  • Suitable for cattle, sheep, pigs, horses and poultry
  • Purple dye to clearly see the treated area.


In 1968 veterinarian Pierre-Richard Dick founded Virbac with the intention of providing veterinarians, pet owners and farmers with effective and innovative animal health solutions. Today, Virbac are still shaping the future of animal health with their products available in over 100 countries worldwide.


Virbac Cetrigen is an antiseptic, insect repelling wound spray suitable for use in many animal species. It contains two powerful insect repellents to repel insects which may irritate or infest wounds, as well as cetrimide, a well known antiseptic compound to help inhibit bacterial growth and prevent reinfection for better wound healing.


  • Antiseptic, insect repelling wound spray for animals including dogs and horses
  • Contains purple dye to ensure full wound coverage
  • Supports wound healing through antibacterial action
  • Prevents insect infestation of wounds and helps to control fly strike.


Directions for use:

Where practicable the wound area should be cleansed and any dirt and debris removed. Hold spray container nozzle approximately 10cm from wound site and apply a light layer directly onto the wound, wiping away any excess run-off spray. Treatment should be continued until the wound has thoroughly healed.


Information for livestock:


Meat: Do Not use less than 28 days before slaughter for human consumption.

Milk: Do not use on female cattle or sheep which are producing, or may in the future produce, milk for human consumption.

Eggs: Do not use on laying birds where eggs or egg products are to be used for human consumption.

Trigger spray

Meat: Do not use less than 28 days before slaughter for human consumption.

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