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No matter what the situation is, your dog deserves to splash around with their hooman and other doggo freinds. A life jacket allows your dog to always be in on the action. 


Teach your dog to swim: For puppies or adult dogs who are learning to swim, using a life jacket helps ensure they will be safe during the process. It also gives your pup a sense of security when learning the ropes. Although dogs have a natural swimming instinct, it’s important to introduce your dog to the water safely.


Great for senior or special needs dogs: You may have a senior dog or pup with special needs who will appreciate assistance in the water.


Help avoid accidents: Accidents happen. There may be a boat accident. Your paddle board may flip over. A storm may brew out of nowhere. Keeping your dog protected with a life vest will give you piece of mind knowing that your companion is safe and secure.


Give your dog a break: Even the best swimmers need a break from the excitement. Your dog will eventually get tired if they want to spend all of their time in the water. A dog life vest reduces the rate at which your dog will get tired out, as they have a flotation device to help them enjoy and spend more time in the water.


Overall safety: The vests come in bright colors with reflective trim, so you will easily be able to spot your dog in the water. D-ring attachments and lifting handles are safety features as well.



ou can adjust the vest to fit properly.  A loose vest can slip off or your dog may try to wriggle free of it. Take your dog’s measurements and choose the best fit based the sizing chart associated with the life jacket you’re interested in.


Safety features:

lift handles

D-ring attachment

reflective trim and

bright colored fabric.



buoyant and made of high-quality materials



come equipped with three adjustable buckles

the buckles are quick-release but also stay secure to avoid the life vest falling off.

Life Vest Jacket


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