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Pee Pee Pole Litter Box for Dogs


When is a Pee Pee Pole Litter Box a good idea?


Living in a high-rise apartment

It is neither easy or convenient to walk down (and back up) several flights of stairs with your Dog three to five times a day. Even if you have an elevator, bathroom trips are still quite an ordeal. An indoor Litter Box helps to reduce the number of trips you’ll need to take each day. Also helps to avoid any accidents.


Young puppies going through toilet training

The set up of the Litter Box will help teach your dog that there are right and wrong places to relieve themselves. The design of the Litter Box will also help contain the pee and poo for easy removal.


Seasonal change in weather

If you live in an area with long, cold winters or sweltering summers, you will find the Litter Box very helpful. This is especially true for those living in snow-covered areas, as the Litter Box will eliminate the need to put your dog’s booties on (not to mention your own winter gear) three or four times a day.


Owners who are away from the home for long periods of time

Most people work, shop, visit friends, leaving home is unavoidable. Indoor Litter Box helps to keep your dog from having to sit cross-legged all day long, waiting for you to get home.


Dogs who are recovering from illness or injury

 If your dog has been battling illness or recovering from an injury, your vet may recommend keeping him as calm, quiet and still as possible. By using the Litter Box you can reduce the number of trips your dog needs to take outdoors.


Dogs with bladder control issues

Some dogs simply have more trouble holding it than others, particularly small breeds with tiny bladders. An indoor bathroom facility will often be more convenient to use.


Owners with mobility issues

You may find yourself in a situation where you are having trouble getting around, you will appreciate the convenience Litter Box will provide.


Keep in mind that the Litter Box is not designed to eliminate trips outside, it is designed to reduce the number of trips you must take. 

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