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Petalk AI II interactive pet toy, up to 8 users


Sometimes we must leave our pets for work, short interstate travel or an outing with friends and we want to know if our pets are doing ok.


The Petalk AI is equipped with a high-definition camera, 1080P sharpness, which allows you to monitor what your pet is doing at home. You can also take videos and then share them directly with social media.


Two-way Communication

You can speak with your pet. Infact your whole family and even friends can also be part of your pets interactive world since the Petalk AI is designed to support up to 8 users.


Dispense treats, reward good behaviour or simply show your love

You are able to remotely control feeding your pet. *Please see gallery for storage and size of treats that can be dispensed. 


How it works Wifi STA

Simply download the Skymee App which is available for iOS and Android. The QR code is in the gallery.


Please see gallery for

  • Video oulining even more key features
  • Technical specifications
  • Battery life
  • Storage and size of treats that can be dispensed. 

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