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In 1968 veterinarian Pierre-Richard Dick founded Virbac with the intention of providing veterinarians, pet owners and farmers with effective and innovative animal health solutions. Today, Virbac are still shaping the future of animal health with their products available in over 100 countries worldwide.


Virbac Septicide is an easy to use antiseptic cream for horses and dogs which also kills and repels flies and other nuisance insects. It is ideal for wounds where fly irritation is likely to occur, helping to protect the skin from irritating insects while also assisting with infection prevention.


  • Antiseptic cream with insecticide for horses and dogs
  • Ideal for wounds where fly irritation is likely to occur
  • Helps prevent infection and assist wound healing
  • Kills and repels flies and other nuisance insects to protect the skin
  • Versatile and easy to use cream formula.


Directions for use:

Apply to wound daily until healing is achieved. If using as a preventative measure continue use until insect activity has ceased.

If symptoms persists seek veterinary advice.


IMPORTANT: This product contains permethrin which is toxic to cats. Only for use on dogs and horses.


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