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Perfect for any Doggo-Shibee lover to wear!


You will never be forgotten in these leggings, they are one of the best Happy pants that you will ever own. They are seriously soft and stitched for durabilty. Trust us when we say, wonderful to wear when travelling on a plane!


Besides travel, you know you are going to wear them not just because they are super dooper cute, but because they hold stuff together and are comfortable to wear when doing it. 


Enjoy wearing them at the gym working out, running, shopping, long airline flights or just hanging at home.



To assit we have included a numeric sizing chart. We reccomend that you take your measurements and refer to the chart.


The fabric is awesome at accomodating a variety of body types within a size. The most important measurement is the hips.


We have done our very best to make them as true to Australian/standard sizes. If you find that you are inbetween sizes, size up or down based on whether you prefer less or more compression.  

Shibalia Shiba Inu Leggings

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