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Our reusable Pee Pee Pads are the way to go when it comes to puppy training, seniors or unwell Dogs. They are also fantastic for crates, Apartment living and when access is limited to a yard. They don’t just hold pee, they hold all the business! Infact they can hold up to 6 cups of water.


The pads have multi-layered fabrics, the top layer is super soft, and the bottom is completely waterproof. 

They can be used to protect several types of surfaces from the car seats to the dog crate and traveling carriers, it is exactly what you need to protect your house floor from undesired spills and unfortunate incidents.



The  Pee Pee Pads are made of four protective layers that do not allow any water to get through it, it does a great job to protect anywhere you need it your floor, car seats and the dog’s own crate.  The fabric color selected blends in with household carpet and/or flooring and it is easier to notice when your dog has peed on them.


Save Money

Why spend any more than you need to on pee pads? Our Pee Pee Pads are protective, reliable and reusable all you have to do is wash them.


Time-Saving and Machine washable

No set up, no special maintenance just lay the Pad down, leave it and when the Pad is soiled drop it in the washing machine. The Pads can be hung dried or tumble dried.


High-end materials

The pad has built in smarts for absorption and odour control. They are made of high-end materials that are really safe and gentle on your dog’s skin so they will not cause any kind of skin irritation.


*Measurements are 87x82cm or 34"x 32".

Washable and Reusable Pee Pee Pads

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